iRest Body Scanning Technology

iRest Body Scanning Technology



A massage chair body scanner can make you feel like you’re at an appointment with your favourite massage therapist. It allows you to receive a personalised massage right at home every day.


‘iRest massage chairs with full-body scanning technology are designed to give you a precise and targeted massage.’

 That means that the scanners can detect your height, body structure, and can automatically adjusts your leg length to maintain the massage solely on your body. Based on the scanned data, it accurately finds the acupressure point of the user’s body and proceeds with an effective massage.


How does it work? 

The scanner works by using a pressure sensor.

It starts massaging at the bottom of your back and slowly moves up in a rubbing motion. When the massager reaches the top of your back, the chair detects that and can begin moving back down again. This way, your chair doesn’t waste time massaging the empty area above your head.

Not all massage chairs are the same.

‘iRest has been at the forefront of developing body scanning technology that precisely analyses an individual’s body shape.’

This technology provides a personalised massage experience that is tailored to your unique body type. The iRest massage chair features a pressure-sensitive sensor in its massage roller mechanism that scans along the spine, analyses your body shape, and automatically adjusts the leg length. With a variety of programs and sensors, the iRest system is designed to effectively analyse and respond to various body structures. Based on the data collected, the system accurately identifies the acupressure points of the user’s body and delivers an effective massage.


The importance of the massage chair’s scanning technology becomes even more critical for larger and taller individuals, as it ensures the accurate identification of the right acupressure points.”