When purchasing a massage chair, Please compare the leather material!

Price of the leather / Material / Harmfulness

Material of the massage chair

Why is it important to check the material of the leather before purchasing a massage chair?

Massage chair is a machine that is supposed to get rid of the tiredness of the user. So the leather material is very important for the user to feel comfortable. Also while the massage is in progress, the leather of the massage chair is damaged by continuous friction and pressure, reducing the durability of the leather.

So the durability of leather is also very important so that users can feel the same satisfaction as when they first used it, even after being used for a long time.

iRest’s vegan leather is very durable, soft and comfortable.

The leather that is used in all massage chairs is vegan leather. The reason is that vegan leather gets less scratches and has pollutants than natural leather. iRest uses PU leather which is the highest quality vegan leather among them. PU leather has the texture of natural leather and is very easy to take care of because it gets less scratches and has less pollutants than natural leather. And due to all these reasons, PU leather is the best leather that can be used in massage chairs. 

The iRest massage chair uses the greatest vegan leather and among all the leathers we use PU leather. PU leather is extremely soft and elastic so as soon as the user sits on it, the user will be able to feel extremely comfortable. And opposite to PU leather, PVC leather is extremely harder than PU leather and is way less elastic so it has no choice to be uncomfortable. Customers will use their massage chairs for years with just one purchase. So please check the type of leather that is used in massage chairs before purchasing one!

SL-A100 (Red)

Original price was: $14,999.00.Current price is: $7,300.00.

Harmfulness of the leather

PVC leather can be more harmful than you think. PVC is a plastic made of Polyvinyl chloride as the main ingredient, originally a hard material, but here a material called phthalate plasticizer is also used to make the plastic flexible and elastic by processing it into PVC leather. You should pay attention to this because this substance is called phthalate plasticizer. This phthalate plasticizer used to make PVC leather is a controversial substance that can cause disabilities in the human endocrine system. In Europe, the United States and more, it is a substance that is strictly controlled by determining that it is a harmful substance that can cause cancer in the liver and kidneys.

Massage chair leather price

Purchase a massage chair that is made out of expensive leather at an inexpensive price. 

iRest’s massage chairs can be purchased at a cheaper price than the massage chair from other markets while using high-quality vegan leather.

There are many different types of vegans leathers. Among them, vegan leather that is typically used for massage chairs are divided into expensive PU leather used by iRest and low-cost PVC leather that is commonly used in massage chairs from other companies / brands. 

The use of PVC leather acts as a factor that allows sellers to build massage chairs at a more affordable price to increase sales margins. However, people don’t know the types and features of leather, so they buy massage chairs that are poor quality at expensive prices. 

iRest uses expensive, high-quality vegan leather. However, you can still buy the chair at an inexpensive price.

AS it is explained at the top sections, the best quality vegan leather used by iRest is very good in material compared to PVC leather and does no harm, is resistant to scratch and external pollution so easy to take care of. This is why furniture that typically uses PU leather is more expensive compared to furniture that uses PVC leather. However, iRest offers high-quality massage chairs at an affordable price compared to other brands while using the best PU leather. This is because iRest warehouses and stores are located across Australia have created a flexible supply chain of massage chairs. *
Have you been considering buying a massage chair? Are there any more reasons to consider now? Just compare it yourself and contact us to choose the best, high quality massage chair. iRest operates both offline and online stores simultaneously throughout Australia. Take care of your whole family’s health with iRest’s massage chair, which boasts the best quality affordable price

SL-A100 (Red)

Original price was: $14,999.00.Current price is: $7,300.00.
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