The trendy phrase “beating workers” has gained popularity and is humorously self-proclaimed by many office workers. The pressure on modern office workers is extremely high, resulting in prolonged exhaustion, which can lead to suboptimal mental and physical health, as well as various occupational diseases. Shoulder and neck pain, as well as lower back and leg soreness, are also becoming increasingly common among young people.

To unwind after a long day at work, many people opt to purchase a massage chair, which can be used for over ten minutes at a time and is suitable for the entire family to enjoy.

Premium iRest Massage Chair


iRest at the 2021 Easter Show.

 The differences in height and body shape may lead some people to wonder how the rollers in the massage chair will work for their individual needs. However, the massage chair’s screen is designed to detect your shoulder position and body shape when you lie down, allowing the massage acupressure points to adjust accordingly to suit your height.

In addition, the massage chair’s backrest comes with carbon fiber heating (40-50 degrees) that provides warmth, releases tension, and relieves back pain. This feature is especially useful during cold periods and winter months and can be turned on or off as desired.


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