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Flat feature

Massage in horizontal positioning of 166°,
like lying on a bed.


When lying down, the 305s provide a pressure-free massage on the spine and legs by eliminating the pressure caused by gravity.

305S’s Special Feature

Waist air bags​
The 305s model now includes the waist airbag feature
that is typically found in high-end models like the A100.
This feature provides therapy that stretches and
elongates the muscles in a way similar to Pilates stretching,
offering users a high-level therapy experience at
an affordable price while simply sitting in the chair.​

Flat feature

With the Horizontal positioning angle of 166°,
users can receive targeted massage to specific areas of the spine,
providing care for back problems and
helping to alleviate issues such as leg numbness

Bigger foot roller

The foot massage ball has been enlarged to allow
for deeper and stronger massage of the soles,
providing precise pressure to the foot pressure points
and effectively caring for the overall condition.
Stronger massage roller ​
The enhanced massage ball applies strong pressure
to the muscles along the spine, loosening them up and
stimulating blood circulation by targeting
the pressure points. With greater strength than before,
users can see significant effects in a shorter period of time.
32 Air bags​​
iRest provides massage that
feels like human touch with 32 airbags.
The step-by-step airbag massage, which covers
the entire body from shoulders to feet,
helps to relieve tension and
create a sense of relaxation and comfort.

Double padded cushion

The detachable extra backrest cushion allows
users to customise their massage experience by attaching
or removing it to the neck/shoulder or back area,
providing targeted neck/shoulders and back massage as desirable.​

Isn’t this your story?

Have you ever felt like
the massage balls didn't reach your lower back
and the massage wasn't done thoroughly?

To solve these issues, we created the 305s with a flat feature. 
With the ability to lie down like a bed,
you can experience more therapeutic massage.
Lying down distributes body weight evenly, allowing back muscles to fully relax.
Massage balls can also be positioned closer to the spine,
applying more pressure along the S-curve for a precise massage experience.

Have you ever experienced fatigue
in your legs while receiving
a massage in a chair?

Sitting on a massage chair may cause fatigue in the lower body
as the body weight is concentrated on the chair,
causing some muscles to not fully relax.
However, when lying down, gravity doesn’t pull the blood downward,
which can improve circulation and blood flow throughout the body,
and you can experience a zero-pressure massage.​

Customer review

Sarah J

I recently purchased the A305 massage chair from DFO Homebush and couldn’t be happier with my decision. The chair has been a lifesaver for my back pain and the store itself had a great ambiance. I highly recommend this store to anyone

Lauren L


I recently upgraded to the A305S and I’m so glad I did. The shoulder massage feature is really effective, and it’s made a huge difference in how I feel after using the chair.

Bill J

The A305S is a great investment for anyone who needs a good shoulder massage. It’s comfortable, easy to use and has a great range of massage options.

Jeff A

The chair is great for people with arthritis. The massage programs help with joint pain and have helped me with my mobility.

Chen S

The A305S is a great investment for anyone who needs a good shoulder massage. It’s comfortable, easy to use and has a great range of massage options.

Hyemin K

The iRest A305 model offers more advanced features like 3D massage rollers and heat therapy, making it a great choice for those who want a more intense massage.

Sooni Lee

I and my sister bought this one a few months back for my mother’s 70th birthday gift. She loves this massage chair so much. She hops in every morning and night and she said that she felt much lighter and delightful. If anyone look for this or similar, I have to say that you must visit them and have sat on it!

Purchasing a massage chair is
a straightforward process!