B2B Cooperate Partnership

iRest is made based on Korean technology and design.

 iRest’s massage chair technology has been trusted by top brands around the world. Among them, LG in Korea, which was selected in the Fortune Global 500, recognized iRest’s technology for massage chairs and has been working together for a long time as a partner company. As LG is a brand that has been globally recognized for its technological prowess, its continuous partnership with them is a testament to iRest’s strong reputation and outstanding technological prowess.

Currently, iRest massage chair is a reliable massage chair company that exports to more than 100 countries and regions around the world, including Europe, North America, Africa, Central, and South America, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, and the UK.

B2B Cooperate Partnership

 iRest is headquartered in Sydney, which is an Australian private company. Since 2013, our value has increased in terms of massage chair technology and customer satisfaction. Based on iRest’s technology and structured processes, we have expanded our distribution network that is focused on diversifying our marketing and improving the quality of our customized services, while building our business model with a variety of more efficient and scalable revenue structures. Currently, iRest has opened showrooms across Australia as well as e-commerce to raise customer awareness and expand its presence in the massage chair market.

Check your potential business with B2B with iRest.

iRest has sufficient technology and business structure to create synergies for the business. Currently, partners in our company are more comfortable and by providing a high-quality seating area, we have increased customer’s satisfaction. Grow your business with iRest based on solid partnerships.

What parts of massage chairs do you need for your business?

It is necessary to consider the characteristics of the place where the massage chair will be installed and the people who will use it. How many customers will use it, What service and satisfaction do your customers want through massage chairs,

iRest massage chairs are great for companies, hotels, massage shops and etc…

By installing massage chairs in your company’s foyer, you can further increase the quality of employee welfare and maximize work efficiency.

By placing massage chairs in hotels where customer service is very important, customer satisfaction can be improved. If you are preparing to open a massage shop, iRest’s premium massage chairs will provide high-quality massage services for your customers, that will make them want to visit the store again.

Consult the right B2B direction for your business.

We are currently looking for business partners to work with based on strong B2B cooperation. If you want to get more effective monetization for your business, contact iRest. iRest has a proven business model and massage chair technology. Partnering with iRest along with your expertise will be the beginning of another business growth. Contact us now. All you need to do is analyze your potential together with the situation of the market in which you operate and choose the right business model.

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