2D, 3D, 4D



Every massage chair has massaging arms on linear guides. At the end of the fingertips and the end of the massaging arms, there are massaging balls. The arms work along the line of the spine. It means two dimensions: up-down – one dimension and right-left – the other. This comes with a corresponding spring system, where the arms press along the line of the spine. 


Moving to 3D technology, i.e., add another dimension, the movement that’s not only up and down, right and left, but also closer and further away from the spinal line. It can go away a little bit in the chest section and be closer in the lumbar area. It is possible thanks to scanning, i.e., the chair adjusts itself by scanning the line of your spine. The 3D allows you to adjust the intensity yourself. By bringing the massager closer to our body, we can increase the pressure on the muscles along the spine. Both scanning and manual adjustment make the 3D an interesting feature, increasing the quality and precision of the massage.


The 4D makes these massaging heads accelerate and decelerate at the right moments, providing a smoother, more hand like massage effect.

SL-A100 (Red)

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